Getting The Best From Video Production Services

For most companies video is now even more important part of getting the marketing mix just right. Video has always been one of the most powerful tools in the hands of skilled marketing and communication professionals – and that includes those who are active in Human Resource professionals.

The reason that video Production has become that much more important is the increasing use of social media as a marketing and customer relations tool. It is well known that there are three types of content that have varying levels of consumer engagement. The first is the written word – but consumers very rarely have to the time – or the focus to spend time reading extensive reams of copy. Combining copy with still images with copy is more effective -and most effective for engagement purposes is the combination of copy, still images and especially video. This is one of the reasons why professional video production services are of the utmost importance.

Of course, video is also used for other customer relations tasks – such as the launch of new products or celebrating strategic milestones. One of the most well known of the uses is at functions – and as handouts that are provided to existing customers and potential customers/suppliers.

The use of video for internal communications is well established. It is the perfect vehicle to reach employees with key messages. One of the advantages of using video is the fact that correctly scripted and can make extensive use of voiceovers – making communication in a variety of languages a cost-effective option.

Vebu video production show reel

However – the effectiveness of video requires that the supplier of video production services be carefully selected. So what should one be looking for when selecting this all-important supplier?

The first task is to establish the track record of the supplier. One of the first ways to do this is to review a demo reel. However, it is important not to rely completely on that piece of marketing material. Remember the videos services will pour ll their resources into producing a demo reel that is incredibly impressive. This may not be the standard that they adhere to when producing client material – due in part because of the time constraints that are part of parcel of the usual corporate video experience. It is far better to view past examples of corporate work – and ask for references.

The second is to ensure that the company should offer a turnkey service. In essence, this means that they should be a one-stop-shop for all video production services. These services can include scriptwriting, sound and vision services, filming and post-production. An added bonus is that they are familiar with the requirements for social media video posts. the company should also be able to take raw footage and rework it into new formats.

Taking these requirements into account (and there are many more) some research into the ideal service provider is essential. Video production can be an expensive business – and the drain on a marketing budget can significantly impact on a companies bottom line. Make sure that your company gets a superior ROI.