New Zeiss Primes

Written by D. Eric Franks on 13 April 2010.

So you've got your new dSLR camera precisely because you wanted better glass on the front of your video camera (well, that and the larger sensor). Now you realize, well, you need better glass and you fall into the confusing world of lenses. You need a wide lens. You need a zoom. You need a macro lens. And you need a super fast, bright, shallow depth of field lens. Neeeeed.

What you really need is a full set of Zeiss primes, specifically the eight new Carl Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses (I know, there used to be 6 and the picture here has 7, but the PR says 8). I'm not even really sure why you need these lenses and, even at $20,000 for the set, you'll still probably want a decent zoom or at least a really long prime, but I do know that I lust after this Zeiss kit, which feels a lot like "need."

- Carl Zeiss presents new generation of Compact Prime Lenses

- Vincent | Laforet's take on the new lenses {mos_fb_discuss:10}

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