Better Than TV

Television is dead. Sure, the body is still warm, but broadband Video-on-Demand beats traditional broadcasting just like microwave ovens beat campfires. Next year, it'll be silly to have a "Better Than TV" best-of list, but for now, here's a tiny sampling of video productions that cannot be found on television and, in every way, are genuinely better, more interesting, funnier, more creative... you get the idea.

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Get Out and Shoot!

on Friday, 04 April 2014 15:42.

It seems like some people talk more about video production than they actually produce. Unfortunately, I might be talking about myself, but there are a lot of folks who are creating amazing video on a regular basis, simply for the sake of creating video - the best reason of all! One of my current favorites is producer and blogger (and friend) Matt Janowsky. He's working through a 52 videos in 52 weeks project right now. What I like about it is not that he's simply rolling tape (electrifying memory locations?), which would be easy, but he's working on specific skills an techniques he'd like to be better at AND he's sharing it with us all, including a breakdown of not just how, but why and what could have been better.

Another really fun way to get shooting without all the hassle of figuring out WHAT you're going to shoot (which is actually very challenging) is to participate in the Vimeo Weekend Challenge. This weekend's challenge is using Match Cuts. Here's an example of that technique.


Print in Motion Winner: Voices for Freedom

on Saturday, 17 March 2012 14:51.


Print in Motion Winner: Dirty Fashion

on Saturday, 17 March 2012 14:16.

Print in Motion Winner: Dirty Fashion

Entry Title: Dirty Fashion Design Firm / Agency: Stupid Studio Client Company Name: Mums Studio Production Company: Stupid Stupid Creative Director: Bjarne Christensen Art Director: Daniel Gjøde Animator: Caroline Sellman Designer: Caroline Sellman Description of work Stupid Studio was commissioned by Mums Studio, to make visuals for a fashion show called "Dirty" located at  the Miami Club in Ribe, Denmark. Design Firm Bio Stupid Studio, is a Danish motion design and online agency run by found... 

Dirty Fashion from Print on Vimeo.


Print in Motion Winner: Medusa in Fragments

on Saturday, 17 March 2012 13:59.

Print in Motion Winner: Medusa in Fragments

With so much stunning work being produced in the world of motion graphics these days, we wanted to invite the field’s artists to show off a bit. And so Print in Motion was born. We approached the competition, with no real parameters other than to feature the most interesting and innovative work we could find, and to build a forum for designers eager to see—and be inspired by—what their peers are doing. We received many worthy entries, but eventually we whittled them down to 10 standouts, starti... 

Medusa in Fragments from Print on Vimeo.


DIY Dolly + Rails

on Monday, 01 November 2010 18:35.

DIY Inexpensive Camera Slider from J.G. Pasterjak on Vimeo. {mos_fb_discuss:15}